2012 Ironman Lottery winners declared

If you're racing Ironman Kansas 70.3 just away from Kansas City and dreaming about a change to race in Kona in October, you're out if luck.
Slots on the prestigious Ironman World Championships in Kona can be obtained only through full distance Ironman events and also a select few half events. Ironman Kansas 70.3 isn't one of those events.
You could race inside full ironman distance races and train 30 hours week to qualify, or you may play the lottery.
No, you cannot buy your means by if you win the lottery, however the Ironman Lottery can be a way of entering a message for a chance to acquire 1 of 100 spots for the people age groupers that will not qualify in a complete ironman event.
This past Sunday, the 2012 winners were announced on and only 1 person was from Kansas or Missouri.
Seiichi Noda, 48 from Missouri won the Ironman Lottery and may get a chance to more info race in Kona.
Ironman is rolling out a few other avenues including the Legacy Program for anyone that have raced several full Ironman events and still have yet for making the Kona cut. They offer 100 spots that go to your most qualified racers first.
Ironman also developed the Kona Inspired program where folk have been maing videos about why they must get to race. These videos may go through a combination of votes to ascertain the winner.
As you will notice, there are lots of ways to acquire to Kona, but none seem to be easy.
For the whole list of Ironman Lottery winners, click HERE.
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